Komandor Software is computer software targeted in particular, but not only, at custom-made furniture manufacturers, regardless of the size of their production. This tool has advanced solutions for both small carpentry workshops, medium-sized furniture manufacturers and large players on the market using the most advanced CNC technologies. This software allows to combine designers, showrooms and production into one coherent organism, thus creating a fast and trouble-free flow of information between all parties involved in the process.

3D DESIGN & Rendering

Design made to measure furniture with milimeter accuracy by using modular or professional designing tool. Our database includes 65000 products and we are adding new element every day.

Simplified production printouts

After creating an order You can prepare a simplified production printout with a full cutting list by just one mouse click.


While designing, the enduser price is changing in real time. Adding or removing items affects the final price of elements and assmebly.

advanced production terminals

The configuration of a full production fatory, including CNC, edgebands, cutting and other production terminals.

Extensive 3D design possibilities are used by hundreds of designers every day, who use our software not only to create visualizations, but also to create ready-made offers and projects sent directly to production. A well-prepared project in our software does not require further processing, but can be sent directly to the production plant. All dimensions are given in real time and the AI of the program guards the designer against basic mistakes. It should be noted, however, that it is the designer who is responsible for the preparation of the project in a manner consistent with the art of carpentry.

Working with an individual client is always demanding and challenging. Our software is designed to help designers in their daily work and at the same time improve contact between the point of sale and the customer. Therefore, from the beginning, we assumed that the price in the program should change in real time. 30 years of experience has led us to create a library of modules with which 80% of all custom cabinets sold on every market can be designed. The remaining 20% can be designed using our tool available at Komandor Software. An additional advantage is that the price of the service, and therefore assembly, is also given in real time. An efficiently prepared database will help you set up your business in the most effective way.

Especially for small and medium-sized carpentry companies that do not have large funds to invest in an extensive IT infrastructure, we have prepared a revolutionary solution that allows you to create simplified production prints (the so-called cutting list). After creating a new order, simply select “simplified production printout” from the available list of prints and the user will receive full order documentation including dimensions and number of forms, a full list of elements for sliding doors, drawers, and accessories needed to complete the order. From the simplified printout section the software operator will also get the full bill of material for that particular order.

Richly equipped production plants that use CNC technology can fully configure their production in Komandor Software. It is mainly for them that we have prepared the Workshop version, which allows for the creation of multiple production terminals and full production management along with production waste management through optimization of cutting and effective setting of the production chain. We recommend contacting us via CONTACT FORM in order to obtain answers to any questions and concerns.

Go to the PRODUCTS section to choose the best version of our software that will suit your needs or send us your enquiry by contacting us through the CONTACT FORM. For more specific information about our Komandor Software please also visit our HELP CENTER

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