Wypróbuj nasze oprogramowanie do projektowania 3D!
Try our 3D furniture design software!
What we offer?
- 3D modular designing
- real time pricing
- simple production printouts
- CNC machinings export

Komandor Software is a platform for small and medium-sized bespoke furniture producers that want to organize their work and contact with clients in a professional manner. This software is the result of many years of work of the Komandor IT department, thanks to which it is possible to design bespoke furniture using a specialized modular designing tool, price them in real time, send orders from the POS to production and prepare simplified or advanced production documents for each order. Especially for small producers, a very important solution is the possibility of preparing production prints for an order with just one click.

A very important part of our activity is a proprietary computer program used for: designing, offering, preparing orders and sending them to production. In addition, this program is able to organize the entire production for our partners by optimizing all production processes related to the preparation of final products.



Online system to coordinate sales and orders in the furniture industry.